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Our health is the most important thing we have and we need to look after it. 

Sandie Wills Health focusses on making the very best of the body we have been given. We work with clients to help change the way they look, move and feel via a range of services, tailored to individual needs.


Our nutrition service is based on scientific research on the role hormones and metabolism play with our weight. We offer a wide range of services from a one-off consultation to a a 12-week, bespoke plan. All the services come with our unwavering support and encouragement.

Pilates with Ball


We offer a range of Pilates classes to suit all abilities. Each class works to strengthen and tone muscles. whilst improving flexibility and joint mobility. Pilates is the perfect exercise method to help improve and or correct posture, one of the leading causes of injury and pain. It is also an efficient way of toning muscles leading to flatter abdominals and pert gluteals.


Instead of working on a mat, ariel uses a silk hammock to suspend you, providing support for each movement. Ariel classes will increase full-body flexibility and strength, alleviate back and neck pressure and improve core strength. It is also incredibly good fun! 

Functional Anatomy

Muscles should be pliable and flexible and should aid our movement, however, many people's lifestyles, whether they be active or inactive, actually inhibit movement. We offer a variety of workshops each year including stretching for athletes to workshops focussed on rehabilitation from injury or surgery. 


We have a number of massage therapists offering a wide range of treatments including Swedish, sports and deep tissue. The physical and mental benefits of massage are numerous and add a wonderful addition to our holistic approach to living well.