Body weight re-set

This is it...

This is the last time you have to search for the next weight loss solution. This plan is not a quick fix, it's a permanent fix.

Our 6 and 12 week plans, based on decades of scientific research, address the hormonal and metabolic causes of weight gain and will give you all the knowledge and the tools you need to lose body fat and keep it off. 

We personalise the plan to meet your specific emotional, psychological and nutritional needs and we are with you every step of the way. 

What's the plan?

The Weight Re-Set Plan is based on decades of scientific studies and research into the hormones that are responsible for weight and fat storage and how when we eat is just as important as what we eat. 

Anyone who has ever been on a diet knows that all diets work, and then, for various and numerous reasons the weight begins to creep back on, often with a little extra for good measure.

Diets that continually restrict calories result in a decrease in metabolic rate so you have to eat fewer and fewer calories in order to lose weight, and once you reach goal weight and resume 'normal' eating, your metabolism doesn't get the memo and stays slow, just in case that time of 'famine' comes again.

Other diets such as low-carb and Keto do have a better fat-burning track record but can be hard to stick to and quite restrictive.

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12 Week Plan

The 12 week plan is designed for people who have been overweight for over six years and have more than 30% of their body weight to lose. It takes a slower, steadier approach than the 6 week plan, allowing time to change habits and mindsets. 

Every week we send you the instructions for the coming week, there will be straightforward, easy-to-follow rules and there will be additional challenges should you wish. The idea is that we start to make small changes, which, over time, will develop into lifestyle changes that will be effortless to maintain. By the end of 12 weeks you will have all the knowledge and the tools to help you finish the journey on your own. Should you require our help in the future, we are always here. 

6 Week Plan

The six week body weight re-set plan is aimed at people with less than 30% of their bodyweight to lose, have been overweight for less than six years and have no emotional issues surrounding food. 

The approach is a little more direct than the 12 week plan but it will still be designed specifically for you. It will consist of a weekly instruction sheet for you to follow along with additional information to help you improve your nutritional knowledge so you are able to continue making healthy changes to your lifestyle after our six weeks are up.

Before meeting for your initial consultation, you will be asked to keep a detailed food diary, noting everything you eat and drink and how you were feeling at the time. At your consultation we will take certain measurements including resting blood glucose levels, body fat percentage, weight and measurements. We will also complete an in-depth questionnaire and write your bespoke plan accordingly. We will be available via email and messenger during office hours and we can book telephone appointments at a convenient time. We will stay in contact with you and change/amend your plan as and when it is needed. You will receive a further consultation at six weeks, where we will assess progress by  re-taking measurements. If you have signed up to the 12 week course you will continue following our weekly instructions before a final consultation at the end of the plan. If you are on the six week plan, we will ensure you have everything you need to continue changing your habits and lifestyle without our direct input. If you feel you need further face-to-face support, additional consultations are available at extra cost. The 12 week plan costs £249 and the 6 week plan is £149. Please see the booking page to start your healthy new lifestyle 

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